Herbal Treatment Ear Oil
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Herbal Treatment Ear Oil

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This is an essential oil blend and herbal infused oil based product for ear aches, excess ear wax, excess moisture, itchy ears, ear infections, swimmers ear. Safe for adults, babies and pets. It is effective in cleaning Fungus, Germs by removing Ear Wax. Meanwhile the extra herbal protection helps avoiding Tinnitus and Swimmer's Ears.


Ear Wax Contains A Lot of Germs and Fungi which could constantly cause inflammation and extract secretion of body Oil in Ear Canal. And the Ear Wax turns out blocking the Ear Canal and causes swimmer's Ear behaviour and lost of hearing ability. When this getting further serious, you may experience Tinnitus.

So to fix this problem, we need to clear the Ear Wax constantly and add extra protection to the ear canal. The Herbal Treatment Ear Oil is effective in this and help restoring healthy Ear Canal.


Different Health Organisations and NGOs around the globe has published official public recommendations for NOT putting any stick, vacuum into the ear unless under medical staffs presence. This is because one can highly possibly get hurt. Ear canal skin is very thin and easily be damaged even it might not bleed. 

That's why, you should change to use ear oil instead for a more natural and effective Ear Wax Removal method. 

This product contains components that naturally dries out moisture, soothes the ear and nerve endings, and has natural antibiotic properties.


This Ear Oil differs from others as it's comprising of 100% Chinese Herbal and Natural Ingredients. There is 0% of Hydrogen Peroxide and Artificial Chemicals making it skin friendly and non-irritative. With the Chinese contents including:

  • Radix Sophorae Flavescentis
  • Chinese rhubarb
  • Baikal Skullcap
  • Lonicerae Japonicae flos
  • Boreolum Syntheicum
  • Chlhexidine Acetate

This Ear Oil can effectively eliminate the bacterias inside the Ear Wax and also Shorten that for removal.


  • Apply Daily, 2-3 Drops Per Apply
  • 14 Days for the Full Complete Treatment 
Adult - Self Apply
For Kid - Applying for Others
  • 1 x Herbal Treatment Ear Oil (10ml) - Enough for Two 14-Days Treatment

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