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HD12X Zoom Universal Telephoto Mobile Lens

HD12X Zoom Universal Telephoto Mobile Lens

HD12X Zoom Universal Telephoto Mobile Lens

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Turn your phone into a telescope with the 12X Universal Telephoto Mobile Lens. This telephoto lens helps you to capture clear images and enjoy the landscape that the world has to offer without compromising quality. With its adjustable 12x zoom, you get to enjoy mobile photography at its finest. Its ultra long vision overcomes the drawbacks of regular smartphones that can only take nearsighted photos.

It is made of high quality materials to resist daily wear and tear, prolonging its service life. Its design is perfectly crafted to fit your daily needs. It’s suitable for a wide range of phones, easy to carry and install.


  • It can be used alone as a monocular telescope with a telescope eyepiece cover.

  • It can be connected to a wide range of mobile phones and can configure the universal folder, as long as the folder and the camera in the back (in addition to telescopic lens) can be installed on the shooting scene.

  • It can be connected to digital cameras; ultra-thin, the lens is not extended, and the folder should be in the range of 10mm-20mm


  1. Clamp the lens to the phone lens
  2. After fixing, rotate the lens tightly
  3. Adjust image clarity
  4. Focus and then start shooting


  • Lens blue film
  • Magnification: 12 times
  • Field of view: 16 degrees
  • Objective lens diameter: 18MM
  • Exit pupil distance: 2.3MM
  • Eye distance: 10MM
  • Product Size: 36 * 60MM


  • 1 x  main lens
  • 1 x  universal clip
  • 1 x  cloth
  • 1 x  eyepiece cover
  • 1 x  brochures
  • 1 x  color box packaging

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