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Driver Shield™ Car Isolation

Driver Shield™ Car Isolation

Driver Shield™ Car Isolation

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Are you a car owner or an Uber, Lyft or a taxi driver?
You can't afford to stay home during these crazy times?
Protect yourself from any virus or bacteria that spreads through droplets, coughs, sneezes, etc... Use the DriverShield to isolate yourself while driving people all day long.
Drastic times call for drastic measures and adaptions but sometimes the things you need to change are simpler than what you think. Introducing DriverShield™ to totally create a car quarantine effect and this is massively important when it comes to families that share a car and taxi drivers as well.

Who wants to risk their lives or the lives of their loved ones? Also, if you want to find a way to resume your daily activities while still maintaining a healthy virus free lifestyle then this is the ultimate solution as it totally seals the area it surrounds to avoid any infections. Compact and smooth transparent design to keep it clean and simple. It is important to protect yourself and others but it is still important to feel good and comfortable about your ride. Totally odor free material as well

Please be careful not to use lighters or cigarettes inside the car in case you clean DriveShield with alcohol wipes or by spraying as alcohol is highly flammable in closed areas even without direct contact

The front and rear spaces of the car are divided into separate partitions. Prevent droplets, dust, and does not block the field of vision. Available in two variations, one for the main driver seat by itself and another screen for the whole front space which will create total separation between front and rear seats.

DriverShield can be reused, but please pay attention to clean and disinfect before you drive every time
Standard size, Universal Fit for all car models, DIY tailor according to your car. All instructions will be included in a manual on how to install it

1. Prevent spit
2. Prevent dust
3. Do not block the field of vision
4. Isolation fillm

Weight: 600g
Size (length * width): 1.4X1.8m/4.6x5.9ft
Application: for Uber, taxi, etc. drivers

Installation steps:
1. Stick the hook surface to the roof and press it back and forth (must-have step for models with roof lights). Because the surface of the roof lights is smooth, strong stickiness.
2. Stick the hook surface to the side car paint and repeatedly press it back and forth (because the smooth car paint surface enables stronger stickiness).
3. Tear off the matte tape, and center the film on the left and right to fit (here, it is recommended that 2 people cooperate).
4. Press the bottom of the film with a foot pad.

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