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3-Second Hair Styling Clip (Set of 4)

3-Second Hair Styling Clip (Set of 4)

3-Second Hair Styling Clip (Set of 4)

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3-Second Hair Styling Clip is an easy-to-use clip that holds your hair all day without loosening. These clips are comfortable to wear without tangling hair.

Just twist your ponytail 2-4 times, spreadthrough clip & clip like a safety pin. It is perfect for running, hiking, bathing & more. No more loosened hair even after exciting movements!FEATURES:

  • Hold your hair up all day long
  • Easy steps- Twist, spread & clip within 3 seconds!
  • No hair tangles or damages 
  • Can be used to create multiple hairstyles
  • Removable crystal bead tail- Can switch between simple & gorgeous styles 
  • Perfect for any hair type- Straight, curly, thick or fine
    1. Collect your hair like a ponytail
    2. Twist ponytail 2-4 turns straight upwards
    3. Open & slide the clip through your hair and lock in place
    4. Clip it like a safety pin
      • Materials: PT+PE
      • Size: 3.5cm x 8.5cm x 0.2cm
      • Pattern: Colorful leaves, Birdie, Zebra, Graffiti
      • 2 x Bronze Clip
      • 2 x Black Clip
      • 1 x Brown Tattle Tail

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